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Annabella 'bella' Boleyn by monsterhighlover3 Annabella 'bella' Boleyn by monsterhighlover3
This is my new OC Annabella Boleyn :

age: around 500 years old
monster parent: niece of Anne Boleyn
killer style: i do like to wear my dresses but i have seen around looking at everything that is is most beautiful and like to add a "now" feel to look like other people and wht they wear.
freaky flaw: well i am a ghost i guess seeing as i have been dead about 450 years but i do like to kept up to date and keep up on all the big news which is sometimes hard!
pet peeve: I dont get to see my family that often because they now have there own ghost dramas so i can get a bit lonely but i do have all my friends and dream to help me stay up to date and keep me company :)
fav food: i do like this new food you people seem to love now a days called KFC but have an undying love for . . . chocolate :P
pet: i do have a pet bird called dream because i admire all animals and how they dream of new things.
fav color: red the power of love and success
fav subject: culinary arts i love the whole acting dancing singing sensation
least fav subject: history of the un-dead i already know most things i havehad nothing to do for a while so i went looking around the world and some parts were not a nice sight!!
bffs: Pagan Crafta, Andy Riod, Spectra and hoo-dude :)
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November 23, 2011
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